Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of RA

Minister’s message

Dear friend,


The objective of implementing territorial policy is to have a balanced and sustainable developing and prosperous country. The variations and differences of its progress levels in certain areas of the Republic of Armenia require upgrowth and implementation of regional development policy, which will ensure the effectiveness of the overall socio-economic policy.

Our country possesses a relatively small territorial space, it consists of administrative-territorial units each of which has its own peculiarities and typical characteristics, which we will take into consideration while implementing territorial administration. We will try to find systemic solutions to the existing problems. The scope of our work embraces measured regional development, the services’ availability increase in all areas and economic progress of communities.

I hope you will find the information you need in the official website of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development. We are aimed at providing reliable information about the implementing projects and reforms of the system, the existing problems and our approach to their solutions.


Sincerely, Suren Papikyan

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